Work Samples.

Over the last two decades, we've produced countless commercial and personal projects with a wide range of subject matters from sports to history and everything in between. Here are some samples of our recent work. For a more complete list, visit our credits page below.

Our Awesome Services.

Our group of creatives can assist in many facets of your production. Even though we specialize in the moving image, we're also keenly aware of other side industries which are critical to being successful.


Everything starts with a good story and we are excellent story tellers. Even with documentary films, everything starts with a script of what the filmmaker wants to see on screen. We can help with that process and it's the key to delivering a successful final product.


Image quality is the name of the game in this industry. We strive to deliver the highest quality image within the allocated budget. We work with industry standard equipment from film 16/35mm to digital acquisition.


After principal photography, editing is where the story is assembled. Using industry standard tools like Avid Media Composer, we can assemble your story quickly and export all the appropriate industry standard deliverables for color, audio and distribution.


Our in-house coloring tools help fine-tune the project before sending it to finishing. This way, at finishing, you will be tweaking a project which has already been started, saving a lot of money in the back end. We work with industry standard DaVinci Resolve to achieve this, which allows for easy integration in finishing.


Today, most content is distributed online and being able to meet the modern deliverable standards is very important. We work exclusively with Quicktime and Pro Res internally, creating an almost lossless workflow for the entire production. We can then make high-quality compressed versions for distribution.

Web Development.

Working with fanthropology, we can provide the ideal marketing strategy before a single frame has been captured. After finishing, we help develop a marketing strategy by making trailers, posters and helping with deliverables for festivals.

Why Choose Us.

At Tp Production Films, we write, shoot, edit, produce, direct, and most importantly tell stories. We are a group of L.A. based creatives specializing in original content for web, broadcast and cinema. We pride ourselves on bringing new content to emerging media platforms and the big screen. The foundation of our work is a combination of unique storytelling and stunning visuals created in-camera.

Our Mission.

Tp Production Films is comprised of a committed group of professionals who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to the visual medium. We seek to create unforgettable moments that remind others of our common humanity. We aspire to produce films that are a form of art, not just entertainment. Our stories are told through the lens of a camera, using the lost art of cinematography, without the need for special effects. We pride ourselves on delivering more then expected and making long-lasting relationships in the process.

Our Team

Like most production companies, we have a group of dedicated and very creative individuals ready to jump onto any project. Our core group consists of story editors, cinematographers, picture editors, graphic designers, post production specialists and distribution experts. Most of us have worked together for a decade or more, some have been in the industry for over three decades and have produced many projects for web, television and cinema.

Our Production Equipment.

We strive to do everything in-camera, using state of the art Blackmagic Cinema cameras and cinema primes for production. Our goal is to have as few people behind the camera as possible, which allows for a smaller crew. We also have a great lighting and sound package, perfect for small features and documentaries. For bigger shows, we have 5 ton and 10 ton grip trucks waiting in the wings and a full production crew hanging out waiting for the green light.

Our Post Production Equipment

Principal photography is where the film is made and editing is where the story is told. Many of our projects came to us in post production because it's such a tricky thing to do right. We have a great group of story tellers in house and some amazing editors as well. We mainly use Avid Media Composer, but can also use Final Cut Pro if necessary. We always do finishing on DaVinci, which is the industry standard.

Our Amazing Team.

Filmmaking is a collaborative process like no other. It takes a group of talented people to make everything come together and we have some of the best in the industry.

Tyler Purcell


With over two decades in the industry, Tyler has shot and produced a wide range of productions from narratives to documentaries and everything in between.

Samantha Fuller


Samantha spent her entire life beside her father Samuel Fuller as he directed some of the industry's best films. She herself has become an amazing filmmaker and is producing content on a reglar basis with us.

Peter Starr


Peter has beeen in the film industry for over three decades. His collective works spans everything from feature's to commercials. Today, he mostly produces documentary content and is very active with us.

List of credits.


A Fuller life (Feature documentary) Surviving Prostate Cancer (Feature documentary) Legends of Diving (feature length documentary in production) We Love Motocross (documentary series and eventually feature) The Professionals (documentary series) ScubaTude (marketing/promo video series) DiveX Scooters (marketing/promo) SBK Corse (marketing/promo) Social Media at the workplace (educational video) Sexual Harassment at the workplace (educational video series) The TrackXperience (marketing/promo) What's in the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera (promotional documentary) Ken Roczen the German Challenger (Marketing/Promo for KTM USA) The WSMC Experience (marketing/promo) The Life of Sai Baba (60 min doc for broadcast) The Future of CRM (marketing/promo) Ruth Brown: Better Late then Never (Feature documentary) New England Diving; What's in it for me (marketing/promo) Dancing Across the Color Line (Feature documentary)


WHY (TV Pilot) Drowning in Sin (short narrative) Hardly Married (Award-winning short narrative) What's up with Buster (TV Pilot) Baglady Diaries (Short narrative) Litterbug (Short narrative) A Fine Mess (TV Pilot) Behind the Net TV (TV Pilot) Finding Virtue (short narrative) The ID Project Revisited (short narrative) Elvis and Me (short narrative) The Perfect Moment (short narrative) Misery and Company (short narrative)

Finishing Projects

Les Miserables BTS (Feature documentary) Take it to the Limit (Feature documentary) Marlene's Garden (Feature documentary) Burning Annie (Feature narrative)

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